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Surface Impaler - Surface mount impaler, hanging

Corner Impaler - Corner mount impaler, 45º, push-down

Offset Impaler - Offset impaler adds 3.5" air gap

Push-on Impaler - Surface mount impaler, push-on

Corkscrew - Twist-in baffle anchor, spring style

Helix - Twist-in cloud anchor, heavy duty metal

Cloud Anchor - Twist-in cloud anchor, plastic w/ eye-hook

Leader - 48" Suspension Wire, 24 pack

Snap-On Anchor - Locking surface mount anchors w/ install tool

SlipNot - Suspension cable with slide-lock clip, 76"

Cobra kit 100 - 4Triple grip wall anchors, includes drill bit

Cobra kit 200 - Triple grip wall anchors, contractor pack


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